Episode 14: Anniversary Part 2

We’re baaaaaack! It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve posted anything but we continue to gain followers. Thank you! We catch you up on our lives in this three part anniversary episode. Also, Justin Verstraete, former guest and biggest fan joins in on the fun. It’s Marlon’s turn in the complicated corner. Justin in part 3 will be up next week.

Episode 12: Todd Siegel

The guys talk with Todd Siegel, a consultant. Other than Ross Cochran, our only non-artistic guest. He talks about what it takes to be a consultant, how he got into being a consultant, and using his big picture talents to make life better for others. He has some big dreams for his future that don’t necessarily involve consulting but uses the same skills that allow him to enjoy consultancy. We’re just going to use the word consultant in as many ways as we can.

Episode 11: Van and Marlon part 2

Van turns the tables on Marlon and puts him in the “Complicated Corner.” They talk about living a life that isn’t fulfilling through the lens of pastors who realize that they aren’t being called to serve as a leader of a church. And they get into a deeper spiritual discussion than they intended. Get ready to dig into the spiritual muck.

Episode 11: Van and Marlon Part 1

Catch up with Van and Marlon. Marlon was the best man at a wedding, Van went to church camp, and they both had some strange things happen to them in the month of July. In the first half of this two part episode, the guys talk about “living with a sense of urgency,” referencing the life of Zach Sobiech, a teen diagnosed with cancer who created a music album when he was told he had months left to live. The discussion gets pretty serious later on and the guys get spiritually heavier than they ever have before. Van is put in the “complicated corner.”

Episode 10: Rachel Qian

Van had a surprise houseguest this week, Chinese actress Rachel Qian. Rachel talks with the guys about becoming an actress, getting into the top acting school in China, and being a Chinese Christian, which is, surprisingly, not as big of a deal as you might think. She credits God for putting all the pieces of her life together from her fateful meeting of Christian missionaries during a rough time in her life to supplying her a place to stay in Chicago.